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The biopharmaceutical industry solution

日期:2017年4月17日 15:44
In the process of biological pharmaceutical, for raw materials, pharmaceutical, production equipment and environment temperature measurement control is very important, in order to ensure the security of efficient pharmaceutical production process, puts forward higher requirements on production technology and equipment, so need more high quality temperature measurement solutions to support. Over the years, FUSIDE measurement solutions is committed to biological pharmaceutical industry research and design of water as raw material to produce, medicine system, preparation of production, the powder/solid drugs synthesis, drugs sterilization, drugs save, and other areas of the process provides a number of excellent temperature measurement solutions. FUSIDE has always been concerned about drug safety, maintaining rigorous innovation, and providing more accurate temperature measurement solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry.
The main application
Drying equipment, extraction equipment, water (distilled water machine, purified water machine), the liquid distribution system, water medicament production line (bottle washer, dryer, filling machine), large infusion production line (soft belt line line line, bottles, plastic bottles), sterilization cabinets, the lyophilizer

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