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FUSIDE is an outstanding supplier in the industrial automation field. Specializing in industrial automation instruments and measurement meters, FUSIDE has grown into an enterprise that integrates research and development, production and sale of high-quality and innovative transducers.
FUSIDE is originated from "Full side", which means that FUSIDE is client oriented. For different clients, FUSIDE can design and develop varied process-control products and services, and provide full services and tailor-made products and solutions. FUSIDE is committed to meeting the needs of clients in their best interest through establishing lasting win-win cooperation.
Be Accurate Creative Excellent
"Make measurement more precise " is the design philosophy of FUSIDE, and the core value that FUSIDE has been practicing and demonstrating with heart and soul. To satisfy the needs of the Chinese market, FUSIDE takes use of foreign advanced technique, imported critical components and first-class production equipments in its product processing, in the aim of promoting the product performance and stability to the highest level possible. FUSIDE takes it life the quality of its products in that all products must be subject to precision processing and strict testing. FUSIDE conducts technological cooperation with a number of foreign enterprises to constantly enhance its product quality and strengthen the research and development of new products to meet the increasingly higher needs of its clients. 
Product line
FUSIDE's product line includes thermal resistor, thermocouple, temperature switch, bimetal thermometer, temperature transmitter, temperature control unit, pressure and liquid-level transducer etc. FUSIDE provides industrial clients with excellent products and comprehensive solutions to enable them to conduct measurement more accurately and more efficiently in their production process. The applicable industry of FUSIDE's products comprises pharmacy, environment protection, metallurgy, HAVC, chemical engineering, electric power and rail transportation etc.

FUSIDE is not only a brand for high-quality and innovative transducer, it also stands for a life style and attitude. FUSIDE believes that, through living its "make measurement more precise " design philosophy, it will be capable of providing measurement and control solutions that leads future need trend, besides remain committed to satisfying the current needs of premier enterprises for "extreme" quality.

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