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  • 产品名称: Small pressure measurement
  • Type: PL6211

■ Measurement ranges:-1~0~1000bar

■ Small shape, strong reliability

■ Output:4~20mA or 1~5V

■ Multiple process connection can be chosen to meet different applications

■ Italian MPM connection plug (en17501-803)

■ Equipment manufacturing, hydraulic station, metallurgical industry

■ Pharmaceutical, food

■ Boiler、power engineering

■ Reactor、HVAC

■ For measuring the pressures in liquids and gases

Locomotive, power, metallurgy, glass, chemical, rubber and textile industries

Measurement ranges -1~0~1.6...1000bar 
pressure form          gauge pressure,absolute pressure
Storage temperature -20℃~+85℃ (nominal)
Output          4~20mA/1~5V(2-wire)
Repeatability 0.5%FS;0.25%FS;0.1%FS
Burden error         < 0.5% max
Stability over 1 year ≤ 1% FS
Pressure connection thread, stainless steel
Supply          12...30V DC
Response time          <1ms
Overload limit      200%
Parts in contact with medium 316L
Protection          IP65
Permissible ambient temperature -20℃~85℃
Permissible ambient humidity 5%~95%
Electrical connection Italian MPM connection plug (en17501-803) 


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