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  • 产品名称: Temperature Transmitter
  • Type: PL7402

■ In support of 4 RTD: PT100, Cu50,Cu53,Cu100

■ In support of 8 thermocouples: B,E,J,K,N,R,S,T

■ The output signal 4-20mA

■ Optional input and output electrically isolated

■ High precision,automatic cold end compensation.

■ For installation in :electrical control cabinet

■ Install on guide rails 

■ Measuring the millivolt signal, resistive signal

Pharmaceutical, food, power, metallurgy, glass, chemical, rubber and textile industries
Input RTD:Pt100,Cu50,Cu53,Cu100                          
Output 4~20mA
Cold junction adjustable from -20~60℃
Cold junction accuracy ±1℃
Burden error ≤0.1%F.S(20℃,4~20mA)
Temperature error 0.0075 %per °C(-20~60℃)
Supply      20~32V DC
Response time about 1ms 
Permissible ambient temperature -20~60℃
Size 13*108*121mm(W*H*L)
Housing 35mm DIN rail mount


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