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  • 产品名称: Temperature switch
  • Type: PL7302

■  For temperatures from 30 ~ 120 ℃

■  Simple installation

■  Multiple process connection can be chosen to meet different applications

■ Hydraulic Equipment

■ lubrication device

■ Machine tool building

■ Drive mechanism

Pharmaceutical,food,electric power,metallurgical,glass,chemical,rubber and textile industries

Ranges  30~120℃
Switching output  N/C contact, N/O contact (SA02)
Switching capacity  16A,220VAC
Material  Brass (CuZn) 
Ingress protection  IP65
Process connection Brass (CuZn) ,G1/4,G3/8,M14*1.5,M20*1.5
Ambient temperature  -25℃~80℃
Ambient humidity  5%~95%
Terminal head  Hersman


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