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  • 产品名称: thermocouples with terminal head Form J
  • Type: PL7202

■  for temperatures from  -200 to +800°C
■  available with different thermocouples
■  multiple process connection can be chosen to meet different applications
■  resistance thermometers are preferred for measuring temperatures in liquids and gases
■  According to the actual temperature measuring range, choose different material core
■ heat treatment
■ industrial furnaces
■ smelting and rolled steel
■ cogeneration units
■ Power engineering and reactor
Pharmaceutical,food,electric power,metallurgical,glass,chemical,rubber and textile industries


Measuring insert
Extension tube  stainless steel 1.4571, length 50mm
Minimum length  EL≥50mm
Process connection  thread, stainless steel
Protection tube  stainless steel<800℃,6mm,8mm,10mm
Response times  t0.5,5s~90s
Terminal head  Form B, aluminium die-casting, M 16x1.5; IP65


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